Firefighters are the role-model of modern heroes a brave life safer in emergency situations. This positive image is tested each day and sometimes to the limit. Firefighters are all-rounders, rescuers, of persons and goods, and team-players. A wrong or slow response can set human lives at risk. To respond and react to emergencies accordingly, in a timely and a professional manner, firefighters need to be up to date. This helps them to catch up with the increased methodological, strategic and technical demands of modern firefighting.

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    Pafitis Sotiris


    We are thrilled to see the results of this project, AR is a very new technology


    Jens Hofmann


    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


    Justina Pluktaite

    Officer for Foreign Relations at Střední Průmyslová Škola Chemická Pardubice

    This technology can really save lives